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Here at Silver State Wraps We Specialize in All kinds of vehicle wraps. Either you wanted to advertise for your business or you simply want to have a nice custom look for your vehicle. Look no further Silver State Wraps can help you achieve the look you are looking for for your Vehicle including many artistic ideas you thought was impossible that can be brought to life on a vehicle. Silver State Wraps specializes in custom jobs, we are not your ordinary Wrap Shop we stand out from the competition and we are confident that we can absolutely do the same for your company or your vehicle/Surface.

Here at Silver State Wraps we use top of the line equipment
All of our computers are by Apple Platform for our Graphics only. Why Apple? well we prefer apple for designing graphics for many reasons, The screens are just fantastic very clear and very accurate the speed for graphics is superb, The way it handles all of our graphics is just perfect.

We do also love our PC’s that’s why we have our PC’s running our Printers. We have super powerful computers running our jobs daily with no room for delay that’s the reason we choose to get the best products to make sure you get your wrap done on time with no issues. Our printers are in a climate control room with the perfect temperature and clean air ventilation to get rid of any dust that may get on your print. Your prints come out perfect every time with accurate printing and laminating. Our colors come out solid and vibrant. Have you seen some wraps out there that they look faded or colors look dull and off? well that’s due to improper color Calibration the good news is that here at Silver State Wraps your wraps will always look bright and with solid colors meaning you don’t have to view the wrap from 20 feet away to enjoy a clear view. With our wraps you stand one foot away and see the great colors and quality since we print on the highest resolution. All of our monitor screen are calibrated weekly to keep current with the correct colors and to make sure you get exactly what you ordered.

Trust in Silver State Wraps to get the job done right. We can wrap on almost anything adhesive can stick to. Including Golf Carts Wraps, Vending Machine Wraps, Surf Boards Wraps, RC Wraps, Building Wraps, Boat Wraps, The list can go on and on….

We Have the custom Reputation and the custom name which is better than GOLD Which means you get better results Last Longer And Looks Great.

Here at Silver State Wraps We have a unique way of installing car wraps. We care so much about detail and perfection we are crazy about it.

There is no reason to look further this is your one stop Wrap Shop It’s what we do.

Thank you
Ronnie Hancock
Silver State Wraps